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Strategy and Concept

Are you on the right track to your goals? Do you have a specific focus on how you can best reach your customers? Are you using the right channels to target them? We will help you answer these and many other questions.

Together we will develop a methodology to reach your goals and customers. With the right strategy, you can get good results even with a small budget.

Forget conventional advertising and extremely high advertising budgets. We will show you new, innovative, creative and fresh ways and ideas on how you can reach and win your customers completely automatically.


  • Analysis of your brand and corporate design
  • Analysis of current online presence
  • Target audience analysis
  • Communication and marketing strategy
  • Omnichannel Media Strategy
  • Development of concepts for Social Media and online presence.

Our Specialty

Web Design

A website is essential nowadays. It is no longer enough to have just a website and leave it there, because consumer demands increase the more they use these media.

Is your online presence up to date and does it meet the requirements of your modern customers? For example… websites are mainly visited on the phone: Is your homepage optimized for mobile devices? 

A website offers many more possibilities than a simple business card on the Internet. Our goal is to optimize your presence and adapt it to the user’s needs. In this way you invest in increased awareness, acceptance and sales, as well as in the future of your company.


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Brand Development

What’s the difference between an average company and an extremely successful one? Is it really always about a great product?

If you think so, you are definitely wrong. Because a good product alone is not enough to build an above-average successful company. 

Emotions are the key to success. The goal of a good brand is to make consumers fall in love with you, the company and the products. How does it work? With a well thought-out and targeted brand. 

We lead your company to success through smart branding and make your customers fall in love with you!  



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Social Media Marketing

Social networks offer diverse, effective and, above all, economical solutions to target your audience in a specific way and win new customers. However, each social network requires a well thought-out strategy and goal setting. 

We help you find the right channels for your target and use them correctly. Because not every platform is necessary or advantageous for every business.

We support you in building a profitable social media presence for your company. We can also take care of content creation and regular maintenance of these communication and sales channels with the user.


Let’s talk…

Enter your data and we will analyze and evaluate your website, brand and social media in detail.

We’ll reach out to you via phone or video conference to discuss the findings.

The analysis and evaluation is completely free, no strings attached. We want you to take away guidelines or recommendations for at least 2 concrete solutions at no cost.


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We will visit you at your store or via videoconference, whichever you prefer.

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